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Vaccine questions?

Patient information from UpToDate, the source doctors trust.

Patient information from

Will you need a new prescription soon?  After your pharmacist fills your last refill, set up an office or E visit. Click here to find out why.  

E visits are available for $39 out of pocket.   Click the link to initiate.

After Hours and Vacation Care

Children should be seen at Seattle Children's Emergency department or Children's Urgent Care in Bellevue. Click here to decide which.

Adults with abdominal pain, chest pain, shortness or breath or any life or limb threatening condition should report to Overlake or Evergreen EMERGENCY ROOM.  Minor conditions can be treated at urgent cares like these:
Evergreen Urgent Care Redmond (425-883-3333), Overlake Urgent Cares of Redmond or Issaquah (425-635-6400 or 425-688-5777) 


Doctors that partner with Dr. Hanson in case she is not available include

Dr. Jennifer Tolo 425-458-4895

Dr. Joy Stiefel  425-644-3057 for patients of all ages and

Dr. Omri Touboul 206-215-2111 for  patients age 16 and older.